App resellers

We work with all sorts of businesses who white label our product for their clients. Our loyalty apps are suitable for a variety of clients. If your looking for a clean, simple and brandable marketing asset to offer to market then Freshstamp is answer.

Freshstamp is completely free to resell! Rippll want as many businesses using Freshstamp apps so that we can run some marketing analysis through the data that the apps generate. The apps are ad-free so the business get's a beautiful bespoke product.


There is no cost to publish Freshstamp apps. The only cost involved is setting up a developer account with Apple, after you've purchased your $99 annual subscription you're ready to go. 

We work with graphic designers, business development agencies, web designers and B2B sales experts to distribute loyalty apps far and wide. Some add an app as a free add on - on top of a bespoke development project. Others charge a set up fee to get the app up and running. 





To set up a call about creating your own app portfolio call Matt on 0207 749 5194.

Alternatively email